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Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess Who PFach Mentions to Me...starts with "R"

I guess I'm going with the long version...

I was up at an unGODly hour Saturday morning to drive to a mall knowing Peter was signing autographs there from 12 to 5. As I pulled in a saw a small collection of cars but assumed that was where employees park and instead drove around to what I thought was the mall's official entrance.

There was a sign on the door advertising the PFach event and a white piece of paper saying, "Please Form a Single Line" I look around and I'm the only car parked there with not a soul standing outside in line so I think to myself "Holy Shit! I'll be the first in line--that's no way to blend!"

Then I get a call from Angela who was meeting me there and she's like "Where are you?" I tell her how we will be first in line and she's like, "Well I've been sitting here in my car waiting for you and witnessing girls going in in pajama pants and carrying camping chairs."

F*ck! I was at the wrong entrance.

Needless to say I was not first in line but hanging out in a quiet mall standing in line was fine with me until the mall opened and regular people were walking through. Then I was like, "Okay now I feel stupid."

But for as long as I waited, those last 20 minutes before Peter's arrival were the longest. There was a local college radio station hosting the event and the main frat boy got up on stage at one point to announce he had just seen Peter.

Someone in the audience yelled out, "Was he naked?"

OMG we all laughed. And ...uhhh no that wasn't me that yelled that out. I was too busy panicking. Ya see I was suddenly in a panic about what I wanted to say to him, what I wanted him to sign.

Do I suggest he and Jennie throw a big party with both the cast of BH, 90210 AND Twilight and invite me and DangrDafne there?

Do I tell him about my recent post on him where we wished we all had a Dr. Cullen to go to *ahem* to examine us and write out a prescription for Fukitol?

Do I ask him something about the movies? Tell him what my favorite scene is? Ask him what the deal is with him and scarves?

I also have a variety of things for him to sign and have NO IDEA what I'm going to go with -- a brand new Twilight book, my old beat up book, my card with film clip from my Target New Moon DVD, my Carlisle card from my package of Eclipse trading cards, etc. Yeah I brought all this crap with me too!

In the middle of all this, a young guy comes up to me and says he is from the local paper and asks if he can interview me. Angela looks at with a big smirk on her face. I think I looked panicked. Someone wanted me to open my mouth up and start TALKING about something Twilight related in public? Blessing or a curse???

"did you talk to him or keep your tonguetwied?"

So Angela and I joke back and forth about what there is to say to Peter and decide that really what we need to do is find out where he is having dinner after the signings. We have two options--the two restaurants that are promoing themselves there with tables and representatives handing out coupons. We try to chat to one of the restaurant's representatives about if Peter will be there and he won't budge saying his restaurant has the best food but really he doesn't know where Peter will be dining. We called bullshit and he just laughed. Kinda braTTy of him. I think I liked him.

ASIDE:  I see a guy there I think I worked with at awesome summer job when I was younger. Why couldn't it have been Forever Crush? How awesome would that have been?

His Arrival

Peter is escorted in through the mall by a security... I second everything you've already read about him and seen pictures of. He is gorgeous in person. So simply dressed -- Jeans, white t-shirt, black leather jacket, and a gray and black plaid scarf. He reaches the stage and I just think, Wow, he's sporting really cool looking hair today! Sometimes he leaves it kind of flat and mellow--no, not today. Today he's got the gel and spikey f*ckhawt hair going. ::DED::

Peter looks exhausted.
And I feel bad knowing he has to jetset to LA for a convention the next day, even though I knew he would be getting to see Jayla and TwiloveSue!

He askes how many Twilight fans are out there. I looked down knowing I'm wearing my 'I'm in love with a vampire' t-shirt...Duh. Then he asked if there were any Nurse Jackie fans. He states how he just came from Vancouver and the BD set and how he's still got glue in his hair from the wig.

Make note kids: Dr. C again will be wearing a wig in BD. {{{cringe}}} He did a nice introduction talking about the history of Alex's Lemonade Stand, the charity he was promoting and he thanked everyone for coming out.

The line moved along really well. And when I got up there his agent/manager guy was really nice and friendly. Had to hand in my ticket that has my name on it. I used my real name...shocking, I know.

I meet Peter!

He listens intently as I tell him my name and tell him it is nice to meet him. I slipped him my book to him to sign and asked him what he thought of the 'Shirtless Arm Wrestle" with Kellan idea. He said this was the first time he heard about it, so I explained how a picture was tweeted promoting the Emmett shirtless arm wrestle for BD and how Kellan had seen it and responded.

{I don't want to misquote Peter here...I was in a Fangirl Fog but this is either what he said or very close to it. Be prepared.}

Peter laughs and says something like,

Who is he supposed to wrestle shirtless/like that....Me and Rob?

 (or he might have said)

Who is supposed to wrestle him shirtless/like that...Me and Rob?

Anyone else just have an EXTREME VISUAL on that--Peter, Rob, and Kellan all shirtless wrestling?
 I did when he said it and it wasn't the 'arm wrestle' more like shirtless Eclipse fight training scene.

This! Shirtless! All three!


How do you recover from that? 

I gathered my wits by laughing and was able to assure Peter,

"That would work for all of us!" 
{It would, right? Can I get a Way to represent TT!}

Can you believe I shared a good chuckle with Peter Facinelli AND he mentions Rob without me having to be the h00r who brought him up??????

So then because  I am going to try to push my luck and time limit, I decided to say something that I feel with utmost sincerity. I read an article on Twilight Examiner recently where Jennie Garth said that she will be happy to have Peter back home after the filming is done, and it really struck me. Peter is really sacrificing a lot of his 'free time' which he doesn't seem to have much of anyway to do this type of event and I can only imagine how tough it must be on his children to understand all of this. As it is, my daughter freaks out in the morning if her daddy has left early for work and she didn't get a chance to say goodbye, so being a Mom and a fan of Jennie Garth I realized I wanted to acknowledge that part of all of this.

As I am leaving I tell Peter something kinda classy to the effect of:

Please tell Jennie Thank You, I know this takes you away from her and your family a lot.

to which Peter **winks** at me.


I think that wink may have been accompanied by a nod of appreciation and an I will or a thank you.

Who can remember with all that dizzyness I felt!!! Maybe I'll undergo hypnosis someday to relive it all.

Thanks Jennie!!!
I think it would be great to reach out and THANK someone who may have done something special for you or paid tribute to your work, just as I made it a point to thank Peter and Jennie.

Thank you to all of my followers who expressed their love of my blog recently, I *wink* at you and say thanks always for showing up, following, and sharing in the craziness together here and other places!

Special thanks to Angela for years and years of fun and laughs that have only been magnified since I introduced her to Twilight!

PFach *winked* at me,

PS: If you haven't read about Stephanie #VPP from The Cold Shower giving PFach a bracelet to wear in memory of Uber_Vamp click on the Avi pic on my left margin that 17ForeverLisa made to read!


Alitriona said...

I love you forever and ever. I thought this was going to be a post about an imagined meeting. lol. I snorted I laughed so hard.
This is wonderful, pure magic with yummy visuals. :-)
Thank you so much for always providing me with a chuckle even on miserable days. You and Peter are wonderful.

Smitten said...

Amazing kiTT! Awesome experience. So jealous.

#ShirtlessCullenWrestling FTMFW!!! They could make a whole movie just about that.... you know they'd make a shitload of money!! ;)

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Oh my GOD!!! Shirtless Cullen Wrestling in BD... YES PLEASE! Wow you had a whole real conversation with him & got a wink. You are one lucky lucky lady. Now I need to plan something epic to ask him when he comes here. You and Stephanie have really set the bar high.

*Jelena* said...

Wow. Just wow. kiTT, you effing rock!

You lucky girl. :D

Now, tell me, what did Kellan respond? I must've missed that.

17foreverlisa said...

So many reactions to this...

1) Cool new font.
2) Glad you went with the long version.
3) LMAO: "Holy Shit! I'll be the first in line--that's no way to blend!"
4) "F*ck! I was at the wrong entrance." I'll behave ;)
5) "...regular people were walking through." *giggles*
6) If the main frat boy announced, "I've just seen Peter," I think I would have yelled something else. *shrugs*
7) You have no idea how much I wish you would have agreed to that interview. *smirks like Angela*
8) Bullshit. braTTy. Relation?
9) So the key to f*ckhawt hair is wig glue. Who knew?
10) *writes down what kiTT's t-shirt said*
11) "As in So and So?" Why can't I figure this out?! Someone call the wahmbulance and then page Dr. C stat.
12) Love that you thought to ask him about the Shirtless Arm Wrestle campaign. Hope he goes back and says something to Kellan.
13) He mentioned Rob. Woot woot!
14) Hi-larious: "Peter laughs and says something like, 'Who is he supposed to wrestle shirtless/like that....Me and Rob?'"(or he might have said)... the same exact thing.
15) "That would work for all of us!" WAY TO REPRESENT TT!
16) Impressed you thought to tell him to thank his wife. I'm sure he was impressed. I hope he remembered to take his Aricept *wrong med - Fukitol* and tells her, because I think she would be impressed too. Honest.
17) Thanks for the shout out. *wink*

KellanCougar said...

Love love love the visual of our vamps shirtless wrestling, fighting, anything quite frankly if it means they're half naked!! My god that man's a gent. I almost feel bad for writing slash about Carlisle and Edward... almost.
Oh and Kitt? Where the pic of him and you???

itsjustme1217 said...

I should have something coherent to say but the visual keeps getting in the way, so ....aygejgkmysahvn

thecoldshower said...

I am jealous. VERRAH jealous. that is all...
You go kiTT!!

Stephanie said...

PFach is in the building, i'll never forget those words, its about when my heart jumped out of my chest and started running around the mall looking for him. Good thing he walked right past me and my heart returned to its rightful home, LMAO!!! Poor heart though because when i caught my first look at the hotness it stopped beating for a few seconds *sigh*

I'm sure he probably was caught so off guard when you thanked his wife, and i think he appreciated it alot!! I've said it to many times over the past week, he is just an amazing person, so nice and gracious and down to earth, just truly beautiful!!! I was a big fan before but since that day, well, lets just say he's giving Rob a run for the money, and that is HUGE!!!!

Congrats babe, i'm so upset we didnt get to meet though...if theres ever a next time i'll be standing right next to ya :)

TongueTwied said...

@AT, I know for once, NOT a dream! I was even semi-composed too until he broke me with the laughing.

@Smitten, a whole movie! A good half hour's worth even of extras? Summit could have us all cashing in our 401Ks if they had that kind of extra footage lying around someday.

@Kassie, I'll help you! I'm good at plotting...I mean planning.

@Jelena, thanks! I will email you kellan's tweet.

#4-oh shiTT! Leave it to you!
#5-oh shiTT again! LOL
#6--"Who's Peter?" <--Memory issues
#7-Who said I didn't? nj.com
#16-I hope so too! Let's say I was the wife of a celebrity and my hubby was 'out on the road' that would mean a lot to me, as long as it was said with sincerity. *cough*
#17-You Are Welcome!

@KellanCougar, Glad you made it over! There was this part of me as I was waiting thinking about FF...mostly Emanicpation Proclamation thinking of him as badass mafia Daddy C. The pic is being framed and hung on the wall, of course. ;)

TongueTwied said...

@ijm, oh once I got some food in my system I was thinking, Oh IJM is gonna LOVE that!

@Bleriana, aww don't be too jealz, after all you might still meet Rob.

@Stephanie, I was really impressed by how calm and cool he was. And I do 'hope' he appreciated it when I said to thank Jennie. I meant it!

creationsbyjules said...

OMG kiTT!! You totally rock!! <3 I loved reading this, can't believe you met, spoke and got a wink!! Too amazing. Just loved this, thanks for the giggles and I'm soooo impressed!! fluv it. <33

hisbella said...

kiTT! Yeah, Baby! Whatever you help Kassie with let me know. If she freaks out while up there, then I know what I can say. I'm supposed to be going with her!
He had to reschedule for this weekend. Get to plot..planning. LOL

Elle said...


All of these peeps lovin you
...and your blog.

First, I'm sofaking jealous. I mean what else can I say? You're a bitch. (the kind that is lucky) And I'm a jealous bitch (the kind that's just a bitch)

Second, I live in Seattle. One would think that Rob, that one chick, wolf boy, PFach, hell all of the "important" ones, would grace us with their presence at such events at least once a year.

Know who we get? The wolf boy's PACK, Volturi who aren't even Volturi yet, Eric Yorky (see he's so important I don't even know is real name)

I'm happy for you, (no srsly, I really am) I don't have a good explanation for my bias opinion, Forks is hours away, but it's Washington. It should count for something.

Just irritating.

That is all.

Oh yeah, Have a good weekend!

twicracked fiction h0r said...

mmkay, I'm just gonna say it. I like shiny sparkly things. Your clicky thing or button or whatever they're called grabbed my attention forever ago.

@Elle I found the clicky button thing on your blog. So there I plugged you too.

And it's something like love the fandom day today and I've decided hat I'm going to comment on as many blogs that I never have before.

I saw you breakup message a couple of days ago. I was going to post something and I have no idea what grabbed my short attention span so I didn't, obviously

I'll tell you I read alot.. too many, way too many Twisites. There are a handful that I visit every day and this one of them.

I don't think enough blogger people realize that a good read about an utter obsession is craved. I'm way off my rocker and a complete Twih0r to the core, and even I haven't broken the mold. I don't think anyway

I know there is a butt load of work that goes into these. If a blog isn't updated in the twifandom for over a week it's so easy to move on to the next 20,000 of them.
Just wanted to get my 50 cents to a dollar's worth in..I'm too longwinded for it to be 2 cents

Partner up with another kick ass blogger like yourself.

And PFach, the long version is the only version I would want to read. Thnk U!

Peace out!

BellaTesoro said...

TT you met your sweet match with Peter. He's just your type, family man AND hot.
What did you finally have him sign, or did you get too TongueTwied to ask?
I would have been happy with the Wink.

rpfangirljr said...

OMP!!! That account was awesome!!! I only hope when that day approaches, and I can meet some of the Cullens (not the wolves), that I can keep as composed as you were and remember to say something nice.

I'm dying you got a wink! DYING! *sigh* I guess I'm going to have to live vicariously through you. It's all I have. LoL

Twired Jen said...

Amazing re-cap, glad you made it longer. I truly love re-living anyone's Twi fan experience!

"So & So " huh....damn you drive me nuts.

Love you & kiTTing ;)

xo J

TongueTwied said...

@Jules, Aww thanks! When I was writing this I guess I didn't realize how funny it would be. I'm impressed I stayed calm.

@hisbella, So glad he rescheduled for you guys! I'll get back to you on the plotting.

@Elle, you returned! Just like you said you would! I'm so glad you enjoyed. "That one chick" <--LMAO as in Kristen? I would be disappointed with just the wolf pack too. I admit it. Not that they aren't good actors, they just don't represent Twilight to me. Hope you get some good representation soon. How about Billy Burke does he come to the TwiConvention? I understand he is local to Seattle. btw Do you know Seattle's Brian the movie guy? Have his blog listed on my sidebar. He has promised me that if he ever gets to interview Rob he will ask him what his fav John Hughes movie is.

@twicracked, Wow! I don't know what to say! Thank you for all your kind words! I like sparkly things too! 17ForeverLisa made me that button plain bordered at first and I insisted it had to sparkle! I'm so glad you are including my blog in your daily obsession and I'm ecstatic to hear you have been visiting everyday!

@BellaTesoro, I had him sign my book. I meant to take a picture of it and show it. I shall and I'll share it.

@rpfangirl, Oh I think you will be able to stay composed. Your kung fu is strong! I'm so glad you enjoyed!

@Jen, thanks! I was worried about going with the long version--not sure if anyone cared about my stupidity of sitting at the wrong entrance. But apparently 'my stupidity' seems to be WIN!!!

Munkee said...

Great story!

TwiloveSue said...

Miss kiTT, I absolutely loved your story!! When you emailed me to show Peter the shirtless arm wrestling pic when I saw him the next day, you should have said it was you and not "a friend" that got an interesting response from him. I might have actually done it if I knew you had. What did you think I was going to do, beat him until he revealed your secret identity?? He's a vampire for heaven's sake. It's not like I could have won.

Jayla said...

Just an f*ckawesome account of your encounter - you have no idea how flip-flappin' happy I am that you got to meet Peter :-) Now if only I had known I would have mentioned it to him that following Sunday... oh yea- he wouldn't known who the heck TT actually is?! *glares*

Anywho- how very sweet of you to mention Jenny & the kids. I so appreciate the time the actors take away from their families to brighten the day of a few hundred fans. I don’t think they really understand the impact a few kind words have on us fangirls.

LOL- he winked… I’m squeeing over here. WTG KiTT

Jenny Jerkface said...

You got a WINK??? That is sofa king cool that you go a WINK.

He's a very handsome feller and I think it was really cool of you to acknowledge the fact that it must be hard on his family to have him gone so much.

{ducks head and mumbles} er, yeah, sorry I'm super late responding to this.


17foreverlisa said...

Drive by comment. Forgot to sign up for follow-up comments and missed half of these. I know. I know. Should have taken my Aricept.